Frankenstorm Forces Cancellation Of Monday’s Android Event

30/10/12 1:02 PM

Editors note – Microsoft and apple have both had their unveilings this weekend and Google planned to show off what they have been working on, on Monday, but sandy has forced them to re-schedule, is this a conspiracy!?!

Google has postponed the Android event, originally scheduled for Monday morning in New York, due to anticipated inclement weather resulting from the “Frankenstorm,” Hurricane Sandy.

“We are canceling our Monday morning event in New York due to Hurricane Sandy” representatives from the Mountain View, California-based tech giant told Slashgear‘s Chris Davies in a statement. “We will let you know our plans as soon as we know more. Stay safe and dry.”

According to Davies, the event was expected to showcase a new Nexus smartphone, the LG Nexus 4, and a new tablet, the Nexus 10 manufactured by Samsung. CNET reporter Casey Newton said that both seven and 10-inch versions of the tablet are anticipated, and that the company was also expected to unveil Android 4.2.

“As the storm gathered strength, Google faced mounting questions over whether it would continue with the event as planned,” Newton explained. “The waterfront pier where the event had been scheduled is now in an evacuation zone. Yesterday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency.”

While the public will have to wait a little longer to officially catch a glimpse of these new Android products, Davies and Newton report that there have been several leaks linked to the Nexus devices.

Google executive Vic Gundotra used the Nexus 10 to post vacation photos on Google+, and images supposedly showing what the tablet looks like surfaced on the Internet late last week.

Likewise, a supposed “final rendering” of the Nexus 4 handset surfaced on Twitter recently, and a working unit of the smartphone was reportedly discovered by a San Francisco bartender.

No make-up date for the event has been announced as of Saturday evening.

According to an October 27 forecast by redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly, Sandy was on track to hit “in between the DELMARVA peninsula and New York City” and was expected to make landfall “as a minimum CAT 1 or strong Tropical Storm.”

As a result of the so-called Frankenstorm, Kelly said that the New York City would see “winds start to get around 20mph later on Sunday night and then will stay that way until late into Wednesday night with the strongest sustained winds around 45mph with the highest gusts to be near 55mph.”

redOrbit (

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